There are hundreds of new products available to the modern sea angler, from clothing,  floats and tackle bags, lures to attracting scents, but what piece of equipment do you want the most?

If you are new to sea fishing it may be a brand new beach casting set up or maybe you are looking to upgrade that 20 year old mag braked multiplier.

Future of sea tackle

I would like to hear where the future of sea angling is going and the best way to achieve this, is looking at what anglers require.

One thing that I have noticed over the past few years is the clothing range available to sea anglers has become fashionable and is now cut to fit. Before it was very un-inspired, covered in pockets etc. So with this in mind and having been fishing for 30 years I have most things I want, except some well designed outer clothing for use when spinning / surf fishing.

What sea fishing items are you most interested in buying or knowing more about, let us know here so we can all help out in your choice of sea tackle.