Rapala sea fishing lure
Rapala sea fishing lure

Best sea fishing lures

I was recently asked this question via email, regarding the best spinners / lures for sea fishing.

Hi I’m a complete amateur when it comes to spinning . Was just wandering which are the best all round spinners and lures to to¬†use on the south coast.

Well the answer is not so straight forward, I need to know a few more options first, like.

  • Do you mean in the UK?
  • Boat fishing or Shore fishing
  • Any species in mind
  • Have you got a budget for your lures?
  • What tackle and rods have you got already?

Anyway, I will try and answer your question –

  1. If you are looking to get the fastest results and are new to sea fishing in general I would recommend using mackerel lures on a light beach caster from a local pier / deep water mark. You will find Mackerel one of the easiest species to target. It will produce good sport and hours of fun and is a great way to progress your casting technique.
  2. From a boat, it depends if you are looking at wrecking – jelly/hook tail worms work well. Bassing – trolling rapala and casting a dexters wedge can provide good results
  3. Different species are attracted to different lures to get best results. But always fish a larger lure than you might think.
  4. If you have got spinning tackle then have a look at this article – Saltwater lure fishing. You should find most information you need there.

But, I must say, budget no problem and for the best quality, most successful salt water lure in my opinion, I would go for the Rapala range of lures. They are strong, swim well, and take a good beating. Just change the hooks regularly and tie them on well using a recommended technique.

I hope that helps. Anymore questions please reply by email or commenting on this post!

Image from: andycoan and Vitamin Dave