The Sea Bass Fishing Guide

Learn to Catch Bass Quickly and Become a Successful Angler with this Affordable Guide

Bass Fishing Guide - Fishing Blog ebook
Bass Fishing Guide – Fishing Blog ebook


Wouldn’t it be great to head down to the beach in the UK, armed with the knowledge, tips and tricks to really target stunning silver Sea Bass. Having the confidence to know what you are doing is right and to stick to these techniques until you get success.


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As you know by now, I am a keen angler. Between my Brother and I we have almost 70 years fishing experience under our belts. Who knows how many miles of fishing line we have wound in over that time, or the value of tackle we have left deeply seated in Davey Jones locker!

In the past my Brother and I spent hours and hours learning how to target different species. We spent much of it in the wrong place with bad ideas. However it has been well worth it, but this guide will teach you how to fish for Bass!

We are now in a position, when given the season and the conditions, we can make an informed decision and target the species we want and have great success in doing so. My favourite example of this was my 9lb Bass on spinning gear not just for the fish, but the work and effort that went into that day and the success we have seen over and over again!

Bass Fishing Guide - Fishing Blog ebook - Click to Buy

I want to share some of the knowledge we have gained in this 40 page ebook. Packed with photos and bass fishing tips, rigs, lures this ebook will guide you in the art of Bass fishing so you get results fast and you can enjoy far more productive “Bass Fishing Sessions”

The Bass Are There:

I started this Sea Fishing blog to share our experiences so that others could learn maybe just one thing. Okay, I will not give away the best mark, but I will happily share techniques that we have learnt on our journey, making yours easier!

The fact is the Bass are there. You just need to know where to look, what to look for and when to catch them. This guide will provide you with the pointers to target Bass and improve your catch rate.

Soon you will be the only person at the beach with the morning sun rising above the sea, using the techniques you have learnt in this ebook, when your rod will bend and the line will sing of your reel. The fight will ensue and that bass will fight against you. You will have that smile of delight when you hook the third Bass of the session and return it.

Great Value and Easily Accessible to Everyone…

The Bass Fishing Guide is packed with hints, tips, images and ideas to take you forward and allow you to learn water craft and the art of Bass fishing.

The 41 page ebook consists of 8 chapters, plus a useful appendix containing terms and more generic water craft advice. The ebook is written for everyone interested in catching Bass from beginners to improver’s, even the seasoned Bass Angler might pick up a new idea!.

being a digital download means it’s is yours instantly and once you have it, you can keep printing pages as you require. You can afford to take parts to the beach and if they get damaged, simply print them off again in the future.

The Bass Fishing Guide
Bass Fishing Guide – Fishing Blog ebook


What does The Bass Fishing Guide Contain & The Cost!

Bass Fishing Guide - Index
Bass Fishing Guide – Index

Risk free – If you are not happy with the Bass Fishing eBook you have 30 days to let me know for a full refund!Bass Fishing Guide

The most important factor in this project has been making the guide great value, affordable and accessible to everyone.

Download your copy today and really start to understand Bass. Get to the beach and put to test your new knowledge.

For Just £4.99 you can start on the road to success.

The aim of the ebook is so you can:

  • Learn the methods that Catch Bass
  • Learn how to keep catching Bass
  • Learn how to discover Bass Marks
  • Learn about water craft
  • Learn about Bass
  • Learn about tackle for Bass
  • Learn some basic rigs
  • Spinning for Bass
  • Risk free 30 day money back guarantee

What people are saying…


Bass Fishing Guide - Fishing Blog ebook - Click to Buy

Kevin – Just to say THANK YOU for the Bass Book.  I waited until I had a good read through before thanking you and commenting. Well done. Really appreciate the kindness and the book is extremely informative, practical – and free of useless padding. You have made it a good read too.

Geoff – just a short note to say your e-book is first class and extremely helpful, maybe I’m slightlybiased living in Cornwall (Falmouth) but the book has really fired my interest in going after Bass!

Steven – Thank you for your email.I really enjoyed the book. While I am not a novice fisherman,I hadn’t fished for a good few years, I wanted to take my son and a work colleague out fishing during the summer to a pier near where I live. My workmate kept at me all summer to go Bass fishing instead of spinning for mackerel. I have a few freshwater and sea fishing books so I started to research bass fishing,even trying the local library but the information was a fairly basic 2 page account at best.

When I received the email of your ebook offer, which for the price of a`2oz weight or a packet of hooks is superb value,I jumped at the chance and was very pleasantly surprised by the concise content and layout. It is written in lay mans terms by someone who started off frustrated and mastered their craft and then passed on their knowledge. This guide gives you an insight into the fish itself, its biology,feeding habits,what water temperature it stops feeding at,feeding habits and various tackle options for hooking Bass. There is even a guide to ‘gale force’ wind. Perfect for both the beginner and the experienced fisherman.

My only problem with the ebook is that it is an ebook. I would prefer a paperback copy to carry with me or maybe a bigger paperback dealing with other species like flatfish,cod etc.Jamie, if you are writing any more books on different species please let me know!

Alan – Being new to Sea Angling, I found the information in the ebook very useful. I now “look” at Beaches at low tide with a different viewpoint. Which applies to most species of Fish caught off the Shore.

Karl – Love the new bass guide . All the basics if you want to catch bass or improve your catch rates.

Jason – Great bass guide! Informative, straightforward no nonsense stuff! excellent! thank you!

Barry – I have I not done any sea fishing for over 40years and now that I have retired I am going to take it up again. That was the main reason that I purchased your ebook. Books on sea fishing are hard to come by in bookshops. Those that I did come across did not give me the information I wanted. Your eBook is Concise informative and value for money.

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The whole process from check out to having a copy of the book in your hands takes less than 5 mins. I have tried it lots to make sure it is working for you. The only thing that might take longer is printing the colourful photographs. You can just print the pages you want or print in black and white to save ink… It’s a really flexible solution.

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Bass Fishing Guide - Fishing Blog ebook - Click to Buy

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