Trolling for Bass can be practiced throughout the UK Bass fishing season, but a change in method may be required to keep continued success.

Again it LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION – look for those niche areas that will hold Bass. You want a feature that will provide them with cover and draw bait fish etc to them. Drop offs, small reefs, inlets, weed beds are all areas that will attract Bass, the feature might not be that big and it could hold a large number of hungry Bass.

Use your eyes, changes in the sea colour, Google and MSN maps, local knowledge and any other resource you can find to locate these holding points. Early and late season generally see Bass closer inshore.

How to troll for Bass

Troll at about 1 – 2 knots across the tide as best you can on a line that will take you across a few pre planned features. Bait fish generally swim cross tide and the fact that your lure imitates an injured fish increases the chances that that fish would not be swimming against the tide.

Change the lures and the depth they dive to work the water, consider size and colour. You can also change how the lure works by trolling the lures at different distances from the boat or Kayak so try 50 yds then 100 yds. Keep varying your technique until you find fish then keep doing the same until it stops working.

Trolling for Bass from a Kayak gives you the advantage of being able to get tight to the shore line and fish areas a boat would not be able to access safely. As well as keeping you fit.

I hope that helps, but please leave some comments if you have some other ideas.