Barracuda Tornado
Barracuda Tornado

Looking for a new hobby? Try barracuda deep sea fishing. Nothing is more exciting than the battle between man and fish on a nice cool sunny day out on the ocean. Fishing for Barracuda is one of the most popular sporting options on the great ocean water. Today we offer you some tips to catching barracuda.

Image thanks to Rob Hughes and Peter Bar

Where To Locate Barracuda?

The barracuda’s main place of habitat is the Florida Keys. However, barracuda have also been spotted further west of Florida, in Bermuda and the California coast. Essentially, barracuda are one of many tropical fish that similar to birds; prefer warmer climates over cold ones.

What Do Barracuda Look Like And How Big Do They Get?

Barracuda are a misleading bunch. On the one hand they are as long as pike fish, but on the other their faces sort of appear like a shark. They have very sharp teeth almost piranha like, and can range in size from five pounds to 105 pounds. When you go fishing for a barracuda, be sure to bring a strong fishing rod, as the barracuda put up one of the toughest battles of any fish we have seen.

The barracuda commonly has a skin tone of anywhere between dark green, to dark blue to gray. Their body is designed, so that the spines are actually on the sides instead of up the middle. What’s more, while the dark green blue and shade of gray are their main skin tone, expect the barracuda to have a chalky white stomach.

How Do I Find Barracuda And How Do I Attract Them To My Fishing Rod?

Barracuda are known as a solitary fish, meaning that they don’t travel in groups. What’s more as we noted earlier, they are located in the deep seas of the Florida Keys. This means, that you can expect to travel far out from the shoreline in order to find and catch the barracuda. Further, barracuda are attracted to shiny metallic like fishing lines. Therefore, to get them to bite on your bait, you want to purchase some silver lines.