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Probably the most sought after sea fish in England, Bass are big (sometimes), and silver (always), and greedy (at tea-time). Young Bass are known as School Bass until they graduate and become qualified Bass.

Bass like places where there are a lot of critters such as crabs, worms, baby other fish etc… Local anglers are usually quite cagey as to the exact locations of good marks, therefore the best places to go are often rocky, weedy, shallow and secret.

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Cod are primarily a deep sea fish from the North, you can tell this by their strange accent and the way that they tend to stare at you. The best time to catch Cod is when it’s cold enough to freeze your bogies, the cold weather draws them closer to the shore at certain points usually where the beach looks out onto deep ocean water. A good ocean facing beach is Chesil Beach in Dorset although they do often appear off other beaches by mistake.