Sea Fishing Rigs

Most people when starting out learning how to start sea fishing they consider that the rod and reel are the most important piece of kit in the fishermans arsenal, and to an extent that is true. But it is sea fishing rigs that are the most vital part in any fishermans kit and once you get the rig right most other things just fall into place.

Ready tied 10x Sea fishing Rigs PULLEY RIG 2 Hooks size 1/0


Here are some great starter kits for making sea fishing rigs – Fishing rig components
You could have the most dazzling expensive setup in the history of sea fishing but if your end tackle isn’t right you are not going to catch anything on the day. For a beginner to sea fishing learning the ropes of beachcasting there are 3 basic rigs they should learn and always carry with them, the first being a simple ‘Flapper Rig’. The ‘Flapper Rig’ comes in two varieties the 2 hook and the 3 hook, the flapper rig is simply designed to flap the bait around in the current therefore looking very attractive to any passing fish. To tie a flapper rig is simple and easy to follow just look at the diagram I have added and you will be tying them up with your eyes closed after a few attempts.

3 hook flapper2 hook flapper







IMAGE: Greys Tackle

Pulley Rigs

The second of the sea fishing rigs I am going to talk you through is another simple but very effective design and is called the ‘PULLEY RIG’ and this is designed for rough ground fishing, the reason it is best on rough ground is because it stops snags and breakoffs and the reason for that is simple. When a fish takes the bait on a pulley rig the lead does not drag across the sea bed but lifts in the air due to it being a semi running rig. All will become clear when you look at the diagram below also you will be surprised how easy it is to tie but how deadly it is when used.

Pulley Rig

Last but by no means least is the ‘ 2 BOOM RIG’ which can be deadly for whiting and also flatfish. It looks a little more daunting than the first two rigs I have featured but only because it requires booms but don’t let this put you off. The 2 boom rig stops all the nasty tangles associated with multiple snood rigs and can also be good for scratching from a boat so please take the time to learn this excellent but simple rig and all the above too. I hope this is helpful to all beginners starting their sea fishing career and I hope to post more tips and tactics in the future.

Sea fishing rigs -Two Boom Scratching Rig
Andy the flattie basher


Ready tied 10x Sea fishing Rigs PULLEY RIG 2 Hooks size 1/0