There is a wealth of fishing tackle available for the angler interested in this avenue of sea angling – spinning

Spinning is my favorite method of catching fish. You really need to hunt the species down, take time over where you are going to go fishing, look at what they are feeding on, use lures right for the conditions and get great sport when you hook a fish.

Selecting tackle for spinning depends upon what types of lure fishing you intend to do and the locations that you are going to fish for example spinning rod length depends on the following,

  1. Rock ledges require a longer rod. 10 to 11 foot is ideal in my opinion as you can get the lure back from an over hang without getting to close to the water, especially if it is rough.
  2. Longer rods are good for light ledgering. I often use a light carp rod to spin and ledger for Bass and Flounder.
  3. Shorter rods are better if you have foliage over hanging you behind ie when you are plugging for Bass in estuaries.
  4. Plugging from boats and kayaks is easier with a short 8-9 foot rod. You can bring your catch along side the boat far more easily and from a kayak you don’t have such a long butt section to get in your way.

The line you decide on is down to your own taste. I prefer braid as it has a very low diameter, hence less wind and tide effect on the line. There is very little give with braid so you keep in contact with the lure at all times. This does mean that you need to have the drag on your reel set correctly, a large Bass hitting you plug with a drag set hard will smash your line. You need to be mindful of that fact. Another draw back is you have less diameter to stand up to abrasions on rocks. Always regularly check your line during your session. Many people will use a fluro carbon leader of 8 – 20 foot to provide an invisible link between your main line and your lure.

Reels vary depending on the style of fishing you are doing. Most common in the uk is a small to medium size fixed spool reel. I use an Abu Garcia 304, which is a smaller fixed spool reel with rear drag. This reel will hold 210 yds of 10lb line, has instant anti reverse and a 5.5 to 1 ratio meaning that it reels in fairy quickly allowing for fast retrieves if required. I do not see the need for a bigger capacity than this. The only other type of reel I would consider would be one with a bait runner facility. This allows the spool to run free and the bale arm down and the drag set ready for when you engage the fish, good for Carp and Bassing. Bait casting multipliers are a great option if you are casting heavy lures. A multiplier requires an amount of force to get the spool turning and then to take line from it as it spins, avoiding birds nests. Most lures for UK fish are not heavy enough for this.

You need to keep mobile. Your tackle wants to be very accessable at all times. You need to carry it with you. Bum bags and other similar products are great for this. You cam get a cheap one from the market which will see many years service or you can buy the latest “fishing” one that could cost you £50. They both do the same job, the choice is yours. Waist coats are another good option and the same thing applies – 15 quid or 150 quid, you choose.

It may sound a bit over the top and I don’t want to sound like your mother but a consideration should be a floatation device. If you get it wrong and end up in the drink you will wish you were wearing one, especially if it is winter and there is a sea running!! There are loads of products on the market from traditional life jackets to floatation suites and jackets. I know it takes the fun away, but maybe just consider wearing one when the weather is inclement.

Often over looked is good foot ware. You are going to end up in pretty inaccessible places, slimy rocks, muddy gravel etc. Consider a strong shoe with good ankle support and one that can cope with salt water.

Lure fishing is the best Bass fishing method for me. Its active and great fun, good luck to you! Have fun selecting tackle for spinning.