Green Haven loacted in Lincolnshire are the UK distributor for a brand new sea fishing bait called SEASPAWN. Due to be released ontomthe marketplace in September SEASPAWN is the saltwater version of the sucessuful course fishing bait aqua Spawn.

The sea fishing bait is synthetic and activated with water and liquid attractant. The sea angler has full creative control over the size the bait is!

Activated to (up to 30mm dia) and the flavour content of the bait. Details of the product can be found at and the site contains links to the manufacturers web site and our own blog site.

SEASPAWN™ Trial 2011


We are offering 500 free samples of SEASPAWN™ for a new sea fishing trial which starts on 1st September – 31st October 2011 inclusive.
The trial is open to all UK sea anglers willing to test the new product – small (padded) S.A.E. required! Details HERE