Category: Shore Species

  • Mullet Fishing

    The Mullet have started to show now along our estuaries. I was in Penryn on the Fal estuary today and I saw some nice sized fish working the shore line. To fish for Mullet I get about 10 fresh

  • Live Bait for Bass

    Bass Fishing with Live Bait

    Catching a Bass with live bait is one of the most exciting ways to catch Bass on rod and line. Bass are a real challenge to hook up but a pleasure to play and land! They taste good too. There

  • Bass fishing Exmouth

    Exmouth in Devon was the first place I ever went fishing to try and catch a Bass. I was about 15 years old and my brother had just moved down from the Cotswolds to set up business in Honiton. We

  • Bass fishing livebait

    There are many live baits that can be used for Bass fishing, almost anything that lives in the sea can be considered. Sand eel has always been a popular choice for Bass anglers. Using them live by

  • Bass

    The Bass is considered by many sea anglers to be the marine game fish, it is a relative of the American Bass, which is more prone to lures than its British relvatives. The species is caught by