Category: Shore Species

  • Barracuda

    Tips To Catching A Barracuda

    Looking for a new hobby? Try barracuda deep sea fishing. Nothing is more exciting than the battle between man and fish on a nice cool sunny day out on the ocean. Fishing for Barracuda is one of

  • Sea Fishing Mexico

    Sea Fishing in Mexico

        So Norway is to cold, Madeira is not far enough away, how about Mexico for a spot of great sea angling Best Deep Sea Fishing Some of the best deep sea and surf fishing in the

  • Discovering Tarpon Behavior

    Also known as the Silver King, the tarpon is one of the most popular species for Atlantic deep sea fishing. Tarpon tend to fluctuate to two main areas, the Eastern Atlantic regions of Senegal,

  • Sea fishing Holidays in Madeira

    Since the post on fishing inĀ  Norway the weather has just become colder and colder. So here is a destination to warm you through. Thanks to flawka for the image Madeira Sea Fishing This Volcanic

  • Norway Sea Fishing

    Norway Sea fishing

    Fishing Holiday in Norway I am going to bring you a few ideas for fishing holidays. As you can see we will kick off in the cold, north. We will head to Ireland, Florida, Maderia, Mexico and