Category: Shore Species

  • Razor fish for Cod Bait

    Razor fish for Cod

    A good all round fishing bait - Razor Fish for Cod, Flounder, Whiting, Dogfish, and Bass and under used in my opinion. Razor Fish To collect razor fish prepare a saturated solution of salt and

  • Bass fishing My best day

    I remember this day's Bass fishing like it was yesterday, even though it was about 15 years ago. My brother and I went to Seaton in East Devon for a spot of mullet fishing. On arriving at the mark

  • Cod Fishing photo

    Beach casting for COD

    Cod fishing seems to be ever popular, especially beach casting for Cod. Generally when fishing from a beach you get better results in the dark when Cod fishing. The cover of darkness draws the Cod

  • Bass

    Dicentrarchus labrax - The Bass is a silver fish with 8/9 spines on the dorsal fin. British Bass records are about 20lb in weight. The size limit is 36cms in length. ( I think ! ) The Bass

  • How to Start Bass Fishing with 10 Tips

    You have decided that the time is right for you to target Bass. I really do not blame you, Bass fishing is fantastic, explosive, heart stopping and great fun, once you learn the basics. Bass are