Carp rods for Sea fishing

I use a carp rod now for most of my sea fishing.

I like the sensitivity gained when using a lighter rod and weight. I tend to only use 2- 3 oz of lead and allow the tide to take the bait, moving it around the seabed allowing me to cover a large amount of water in order to search out the fish.

I look for rods with about 2lb test curves and generally do not spend more that £50 on a rod. After a heavy seasons use the rod will have taken a few good dints and knocks, I would feel real bad if I damaged a high quality rod by dropping it on the beach! I also look for a rod of about 11 foot in length. This is useful when rock fishing to clear the base of the rocks when retrieving the line. You should look for a rod which has quality rings as I tend to use braid, this also improves bite detection in my opinion as well as reducing the effects of wind on the line.

A 2lb test curve rod will also throw bigger plugs. This means you have a great all round fishing rod allowing you to float fish for mullet, bass etc, fish the bottom for most species including flounder and spin for Bass, Pollock etc.

It will feel strange at first casting 2-3 oz on a light rod. But modern materials have improved a hell of a lot in recent times and the rod will be more than capable of throwing it a good distance.

I have a post here Abu Garcia Cardinal reels – these are what I use. Good build quality, nice balance and value.

To buy a carp rod have a look here

For reels Have a look here: Mitchell & Shimano (no Abu reels) or here for abu reels