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  • Beach Fishing July

    What Fish To Catch in July

    This is only meant as a rough guide to fish species you may expect in the specified month. Your location and local hot spots may be different to what is published here. July sea angling shore

  • June sea fishing

    I look forward to the month of June. Many of the Summer fish species are now here and waiting to be caught with open mouths. Fish start to hunt nearer the surface and the sound of screeching beach

  • Kayak fishing on the Manacles

    I managed to get 5 hrs fishing in today off my RTM Disco Kayak after spending yesterday plotting reefs and wrecks onto my new Garmin 60 GPS. I headed to Porthoustock and launched towards the

  • The greatest fishing site ever

    I must share the greatest fishing site I have ever found , I quote Bass Probably the most sought after sea fish in England, Bass are big (sometimes), and silver (always), and

  • A day trout fishing

    I was lucky enough today to be able to spend 4 hours Trout fishing at Meadow tree Trout fishery, near Hayle in Cornwall. It has been awhile since I last went fly fishing for Trout but I was really