spinning for fish
Spinning for Fish

Dead Bait Spinning

When most people think about spinning, they think about posh plugs, lures, feathers or spinners. There is another option and a very viable one at that. Dead bait spinning is a great option to catch fish and one you must explore.

What is it?

Well, you will be glad to know that it is not complex. All it means is using dead sand eel, small Pollock, joey Mackerel even squid and presenting them with the action of an injured individual. You get lots of attractive qualities. Scent, look, feel, colour and a vulnerable, easy meal. This combines to a deadly combination to help improve your catch rate and provide dinner for your family.

Due to the set up, you are also able to fish hard in gullies, banks and between ground as well as using balanced fishing tackle to target your species. This last point is one of my mottos – light balanced tackle – It will provide you with much better sport.

The Rig

A simple clean rig. A weight on your Main line at your desired breaking strain to a swivel (use a weight carrier to prevent line abrasion). I like the torpedo weights and spinning weights, they prevent line twist. A trace as long as you can handle to a hook to match your target species. ( Don’t be scared to use a large hook for Bass and most predators, look at the size of their open mouths! )

Thread the hook through the mouth of your dead bait, then the hook point should come out of the belly. A few turns of bait elastic to secure it and off you go.

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Fishing method

Treat this like any other lure. Cast from boats, kayaks, shore or rock and retrieve at a moderate pace. Then try changing the retrieve rate and style until you find what works. If you get interest, keep reeling at the same pace and wait until your rod goes heavy, then strike and play the fish in.

Please comment on this post if you would like to add anything to this set up, or you disagree with my opinion!

Image thanks to: Sirenbrian