Lure fishing in the UK for saltwater species has always been a very popular technique. I have covered lots of angles over the past few years here at the fishing blog.

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Methods and species for lure fishing

There are lots of methods which entail the use of lures for UK sea fishing, which include; trolling, shore spinning, perking, wrecking, saltwater fly fishing and jigging. The species range that you can catch on lures is huge and includes; Bass, Mackerel, Gar fish, Pollock, Mullet, Wrasse, Cod, Ling, Bream and Flatties.

Lure fishing generally makes the contact between angler and fish very precise and much more sporting. Matching your tackle to your chosen species and the conditions is very important, you should not be in a position where you can easily overhaul the species, however this is more important to shore lure fishing. When you are wrecking / deep sea lure fishing you often need tackle that is full of power to prevent the fish hitting the wreck and making their escape.

Balanced lure fishing tackle

Tackle that is well balanced will allow you to have great contact with the sea bed / fish your are targeting, Feeling how your lure is working and where it is working is a very important factor in this type of fishing, it allows you to fish the mark hard and effectively, seeking out those predators hidden in gullies and amongst the weed.

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