questions1.jpgI have been asked by a reader about “A good UK based resources covering the growing interest in saltwater flyfishing”.

Sadly and to be honest there are only two sites that cover this of value in my opinion. One is a dedicated SWFF site the other is a forum and I guess most of you know the sites before I mention them here. – is a great site that has saltwater fly patterns, Casting techniques, tides and advice to mention but a small amount of this site. The information here is of sound quality and proven; however, I wish it was kept more up to date as this is a great facet of modern sea angling. – is a very, very good overall sea fishing forum that covers most aspects of modern sea fishing including salt water fly fishing. Its not a purest saltwater fly fishing site but if you ask the questions some body will answer you and help you in your quest.

The fishing-blog is hoping to step into the breach and as I am a fly fisherman and keen sea angler I hope to include more information about saltwater fly fishing in these pages as time goes on. It will be more of a this is what I tried and it worked like so perspective but it will be honest and hopefully of value.

If you are dedicated to the sport and would like to use these pages to promote your skills and abilities then please contact us and get writing.