Saltwater fly fishing - delta eelsI know that rubber delta eels are not traditional, but they are a lure and modern fly fishing now uses a whole range of materials to entice a fish.

I find these lures very good for Pollock and decided to try them out on the fly rod. The results were good. I went down to Porthleven and dusk on a rising tide and fished the lures with my fly rod along the rocks and Pier. I was only there for about 2 hours and managed 3 Pollock up to ¾ of a pound.

I know that’s its not cutting edge angling, but it was good sport on the fly rod and it proved to me that I could cast this type of lure on the rod. The only little trick to mention is once the lure has been tied on to the line, pull it over the hook eye, this prevents it slipping down the hook due to the power of the cast.