Can I just highlight this article from the Shields Gazette. It covers the story of two anglers fishing in very high seas from the pier. I know how tempting it is to go fishing when the conditions look good and you know there will be fish feeding heavily, but please stop and think about what could happen…

Sadly a number of Sea Anglers die each year being washed of rocks and a whole lot more get inSea Fishing Safetyto trouble with rough sea, fast tides and poor weather. It’s not just you that is effected but all the emergency services who have to be deployed to come and help you.

So please, please use some common sense when you go fishing, tell someone where you are going, what time you are likely to come home and wear the proper gear to keep warm and safe.

Anyway, on a lighter note, what are you planing this year – PB Bass, getting into LRF? Let us know!