I have until recently always been one to fish light. Taking only what I need to catch fish. However, I have suffered over the years. My hands have become frozen and swollen, my feet have hurt in the cold and my ears have been ready to drop off. Most importantly this has caused me to fish carelessly and cut sessions short for my on welfare and sanity.

Ron Thompson beach shelter

A simple but well designed product like the Ron Thompson beach shelter could save you from this discomfort and improve your catch rate in all but the most dangerous conditions.

Built from a strong light weight fabric available in Red, Blue and Black. The shelter will protect you from the cold and strong winds.

The large interior space of this beach shelter provides plenty of room for a garden chair and the rest of your sea fishing tackle or even another angler!

Being out of the wind not only allows you to stay warm and dry but you can fiddle with rigs, line and packets of hooks without them being blown into the next county. Guess you could even read the newspaper, making for a more productive sea fishing trip. I think a device like this is valuable to the beginner learning how to sea fish as well as the experienced sea angler.

Ron Thompson Beach Shelter
Ron Thompson Beach Shelter

The shelter is easy to erect and can be done easily in 1:52 min (there is a video on Youtube). The beach shelter has a large skirt attached which can be loaded with sand, pebbles, rocks or shingle to secure it in place. Carrying the shelter is simple as it packs down into an over the shoulder carry bag.

Durable, Effective & Stay Warm

Basically the Ron Thompson Beach Shelter is a well tried and effective solution to make sea fishing more pleasurable. It is of durable construction and loved by hundreds of anglers.

Unfortunatly I cannot bring the Ron Thompson shelter anymore, but check this beauty out Imax Storm Safe Beach Shelter – Grey, 220x150x150cm