What rig should I use when fishing for Thornies, Spurs and Dogfish was a recent question asked here via e-mail.

I guess there is no such thing as a one rig fits all, if there was then we would be all using it!! Different rigs offer different advantages in different situations: tide, sea bed, required cast length etc.

Fishing rigs

There is a lot of personal opinion and die hard believers in one rig versus another but as a general rule of thumb I would be looking at a pulley rig. The pulley rig casts well and presents a well loaded hook very well. The pulley rig will also work in most conditions and situations that I can think of.

Wire trace

For spurs I would make the hook length out of wire rather than heavy mono as there is a reasonable chance a good fish will bite clean through the heaviest mono.

If you have a different opinion then please comment on this post, let us all now what rig you would use for thornies, spurs and dogfish.

image: Bugeaters