I will soon be able to get some pictures of my brothers rigged fishing kayak. He has spent the last few weeks sourcing hatches and add-ons for his Ocean Malibu 2 which I will be writing about over the next few weeks.

My Kayak despite it being rigged for my requirements still looks basically the same as a shop bought RTM Disco + with the two surface mounted rod holders just behind the cockpit. The only fixed addition I have made to my fishing Kayak was the GPS mounting bracket.

I have seen a few rigged fishing kayaks across the pond (US) where there are fish finders, GPS, tackle boxes, anchor systems and kitchen sinks! The ideas and designs people have developed are mind blowing.

I would love to build a gallery of rigged fishing kayaks here on the fishing-blog.co.uk so people can get ideas about the best way to rig their kayak – if you have any photos please let me know by making a comment to this post and I will get in touch.