OK, Razor Shell is the same as Razor fish. I am getting about 2 people a day asking me if they are the same beast.

They seem to be known in different parts of the country by either name but the Latin name that stays the same for the genus is Solenidae.

3 species are found around Cornwall (Common Razor Solen marginatus, Ensis arcuatus and the Pod Razor Ensis siliqua.) and they all look very similar to me. It’s the curve of the Razor shell that distinguishes them.

Just a quick recap, it’s a burrowing mollusc which can be eaten if cooked correctly or used as top quality fishing bait for Bass, Cod, well in fact most fish.

The meat is the main Muscle which runs down to its foot which it uses to burrow with. It requires bait elastic to hold it together as it’s a soft meat.

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