A good all round fishing bait – Razor Fish for Cod, Flounder, Whiting, Dogfish, and Bass and under used in my opinion.

Razor Fish

To collect razor fish prepare a saturated solution of salt and water. Keep adding salt to the water until no more will dissolve. Store this in a sports drink container with a squirty type lid.

Head to a sandy beach and look for a dimple in the sand and squirt the solution into the razor fish hole, carry on doing this in all the holes in close proximity, within about a square yard should do.

The saturated solution will cause the razor fish to lift from its hole in the sand, at this point hold the shell and gently pull the shell from the sand like a tug of war. Do not yank it as the meat will stay in the hole and you will have an empty razor fish shell in your hand.

Place your razor fish in a bucket of fresh sea water where they should keep well for a few days until your next beach casting trip.

The razor fish meat is soft so when adding to the hook you will need to wrap bait elastic around the meat to keep it on the hook during beach casting and in tidal currents.

Catching Razor Fish Video