In my opinion probably the best plug maker on the market – Rapala Plugs

Looking at the Rapala web site they write about the first Rapala ever made in the 1930’s, by a Finnish man who whittled a piece of cork down with a knife to imitate an injured minnow. He caught bags of fish on this lure, everyone wanted a piece of the action and today we have Rapala ! (Their story is better than my version)

Rapala still state “To this day, no other lure holds more world records.” And I am sure this is accurate. The design of the lure is to perform in the water like an injured fish. This action is why Rapals are so effective. The motion is supposed to trigger the fish into taking the lure as it perceives it through its many sense to be in distress, hence an easy meal. This makes perfect sense if you consider the survival of the fittest theory.

Rapala still hand tune their lures. You should be able to unpackage your lure and go fishing, with no need to adjust the front eye to trim the plug. However should you need to tweak your lure follows this guideline.

  • Bend the front eye up to create a more aggressive swimming action or downwards to slow the action of the lure.
  • If the lure tracks in one direction ie left, bend the eye slightly towards the left
  • Do not ever adjust the front swimming vein and only bend the eye gently and use small adjustments only.

Rapala also have their own knot they suggest you should use, but I always use a small link swivel and have never had any problems. You can also quickly change damaged lures or change to a different style if you require.

There is now even a Rapal fishing game so when the weathers rough you can still fish!!