Which do you prefer Rag worm or Lug worm ?

I have a few friends here in Cornwall who swear by lug worm. They will only fish with that bait and they get some great results, especially for Bass off surf beaches. They also spend almost as much time digging bait as fishing.

I tend to follow the more common law of Lug worm in the winter and rag worm in the summer. I guess this maybe because Cod tend to prefer Lug and of course Cod are generally for us southerners a winter species, so that may be the reason behind my preference.

Summer is great though, Rag worm lowered along side a rocky outcrop or your local pier as the tide gets high and the light is dropping can often select a table size Pollock. Mepps spinners tipped with Rag worm can induce a take from Mullet, free lined rag over rocky ground can take all sorts of fish, as well as beach casting with Rag worm.

I would be interested in your thoughts and opinions on this one

Rag worm or Lug worm ??