At the time of writing this the sunshine is here! And the fish are moving in. Summer species are being caught, Mackerel, Bass and Mullet are moving around. Sand eels are growing in their population, but how do I know this you ask? Well, I ware shades!

If you come from a game fishing background then you will be used to stalking fish. To allow you better sight of the creature you will have a peaked hat and polarized sun glasses. The polarized lens takes the reflection off the water and allows you to see clearly into the water in most conditions.

What’s the advantage in wearing Sunglasses?

You may not be able to see the fish every time, but it again allows you to better understand the sea bed. Gullies, snags, weed beds and prey fish all suddenly stand out like never before. You can match you lure to the bait fish you can see swimming around. You can work you lure into the gullies and along rock ledges you didn’t know existed and see if you interest a fish.

Wearing a pair of Polaroid sunglasses will improve you fishing no end. You will be surprised at how many fish you can see and the greater insight you have into how to fish a mark. Your catch rate will go up and your headaches will go down. The Missus might even think you are becoming cool!

image: Riebart