Ocean Malibu two

I thought I would share with you some images of a semi rigged Ocean Malibu two fishing kayak.

The design brief is similar to mine for my RTM Disco + where the kayak needs to be able to be used easily for Family fun and surf as well as a fishing platform, and the additions have been researched for to meet a tight budget. The are lots of components available from marine and camping shops at a more realistic price.

Kayak rod holder and GPS placement

Ocean Malibu two Kayak 2

This image highlights the position of two rod holders and the GPS. The Malibu two is designed with 3 hatch blanks. The hatch covers were bought from a sailing shop at half the price of “KAYAK” hatches and fitted. The GPS mount on this Kayak has been attached to the cover of one of the hatches.

The reason for this is there are 3 seating positions depending on how many are in the Yak, the GPS can be located in any of 3 positions allowing it to be positioned as required.

The two rod holders (one in the stern and one in the single seat position were heated and shaped to the top edge of the kayak before final fitting.

Ocean Malibu two Kayak GPSHere is a closer look at the GPS mount. This simple idea is well thought out and gives you many different options.

Most importantly and the addition that will make this a truly successful fishing kayak is the addition of the fishing-blog sticker.

This project is still not finished but to recap this is what has been added so far.

  • 3 hatches have been installed
  • 2 rod holders
  • 2 paddle holders
  • rear cargo net (converted from a car rear cargo net bought cheap from ebay!)
  • Padded seat
  • trolley converted from old golf cart
  • fishing-blog sticker

Ocean Malibu two Kayak fishing blog