Fishing Holiday in Norway

I am going to bring you a few ideas for fishing holidays. As you can see we will kick off in the cold, north. We will head to Ireland, Florida, Maderia, Mexico and Africa!

Nordfjord Sunset, Norway Fishing
Nordfjord Sunset, Norway Fishing


21,000 kms of coast line amongst fjords and deep cold seas. Finnmark is a region to the North East of the country with midnight sun from May to July. Very rich in fish and you should easily catch the cold water species that dreams are made of.

Norway Fish and Tackle

12lb to 50lb class fishing tackle, with strong heavy duty multipliers are a must, depending on what type of fishing you are doing. Braid is essential due to the depths you will be fishing. Pirks and shads are popular styles of lure. Long flowing traces work well, baited with Mackerel or Herring to target Halibut, Wolf fish and large Ling.

Cod – over 50lb can be caught from boats and the Shore!

Halibut – 25lb to 30lb, the largest line caught Norwegian Halibut was 30 stone (443lb!)

Coal fish to 40lbs on 30 – 100g spinning rods, fixed spool reels and 30lb braid provide world class sport.

For a few ideas have a look at these Norway Sea fishing holidays