Saltwater fly fishing gearI bought a new Courtland saltwater fly fishing rod rod a few weeks back to match up with my Vision Koma reel. Its a weight 9 rod and it has alot of power for shooting line into head winds as well as working well with saltwater lures (generally a bit heavier than traditional flies). The finish on the rod is superb, a matt green really complements the build quality. The metal fittings are stainless so the saltwater will not corrode the fittings. The action is stiff but it allows me to get really pointed loops when casting,  meaning I am stopping the rod hard and getting lots of energy into the cast. I am getting about 40 yds on a regular basis with a good presentation of the fly from the kayak.

The gear in the photo is a floating line with a 9 ft fluro carbon leader tied onto a seatrout shrimp fly. The hook is a double so its a very agressive pattern. I have caught small Bass with this set up, but I hope to connect with a Bream one day soon (fingers crossed).