The Mullet have started to show now along our estuaries. I was in Penryn on the Fal estuary today and I saw some nice sized fish working the shore line.

To fish for Mullet I get about 10 fresh mackerel and mince these up adding bran to bulk the mixture up. You really need a bucket full of ground bait.

The rig is a simple float rig with a size 10 hook baited with a small bit of bread and mackerel. Allow the float to go in the current and start to ground bait to get the Mullet to feed. You want to be throwing in a handful of chum every 5 mins. You will be able to see a slick form, this should attract the Mullet towards your bait.

The bites can be very gentle indeed, only just moving your float, see keep vigilant and watch the float with care.

The tackle you use for Mullet can be a spinning rod, carp rod or match fishing rod. Anything that will cast out a light float will do the job. I prefer a soft action rod as light as is possible.

Mullet are great sport and make very good eating. As the summer warms up the Mullet fishing should get better and better.