The fastest growing aspect of lure fishing has to be HRF (Hard Rock Fishing) and LRF (Light Rock Fishing) fishing and there is some wonderful free information out there for you to read.

There are a number of styles here, from some great pros to knowledgeable amateurs, all very well written and packed full of information.

My Number 1 has to be you will see it lower down on the page. But what do you think about these great sites. Please comment at the bottom with your thoughts…

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The Greatest Lure, HRF, LRF fishing blogs


Cornish Angler - all things lure fishing

Cornish Angler

An eclectic mix of fishing and thoughts. Written from the hip and very enjoyable. Hard hitting fish are what this blog is about with kit reviews and session thrown into the mix. A great read.



Lure and LRF blog from Matt Newcombe

No Bite Alarms

Matt the writer and top angler shares loads of hints and tips to get the most from your lure fishing. Some lovely images mixed among quality educational text makes for a great read if you are interested in Lure angling.



Rock Fishing

Rock Fishing Revolution

Some nice articles and sharing of thoughts, ideas success and failures. All important to learn more about this sport. The blog is an interesting layout as well, making the experience fun.



Rock Fish Rookie

The Rock Fish Rookie

full of images showing you many of the species possible to catch on lure. Infact the images really make this great and the session write ups enjoyable.



Ben Field Lure Fishing

Ben Field

Ben runs the Art of Fishing in St Merryn and Plymouth. He has a great knowledge and fantastic stock within his shops. In his blog he talks about new products, sessions, advice and the Lure Games. He travels around catching lots of species on lures…. Don’t mention bait!



Light Weight Lure Fishing

Light Weight Lure

A great site, nicely laid out packed full of information about sessions, gear and conservation. Have a good dig around and you will learn lots about the UK lure scene.



Smells Like Fish

Smells Kinda Like Fish

Wanna learn about how to catch fish? Read these blog posts and gleen loads of information about the art of lure fishing. Well written and easy to get your head around. Enjoy reading this blog!



Cornwall Lure Fishing

Cornwall Lure Fishing

This has to be my favorite lure blog out there. I love the cross processed images and the site is packed with information. I have learnt loads and loads from this site and look forward to reading the latest posts….




Light Rock Fishing

Light Rock Fishing

You name it, it is here. Lovely images and lots of them. Loads of information and great to read. As with a few of these blogs there is nice coverage of fresh water lure fishing covering lots of bases. The layout is not the norm, so be warned.



Finesse Lure Fishing

Finesse Fishing in Plymouth

This site is loaded with lovely photos and I love the faces pulled behind the fish… Have a look at the fella holding each fish. There are articles on lots of the important aspects of modern lure fishing and it provides nice information on Plymouth.


What is Your Favorite Lure Fishing Blog?

I hope you enjoyed that round up of some of the best lure blogs out there. If I have missed a site you think should be here please contact me or comment below. Don’t forget to let me know below which of these sites is your favorite and maybe why.

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