My Recent post on LRF fishing has proven to be very popular and has gotten a lot of interest by way of email and twitter feedback. On a recent LRF session I promised to share a neat  little system I had devised while walking around my local tackle store. I am not saying this has never been done before, but I have not seen it written about on the web….

The Drop Shot Rig

I have included a great video to show you how to tie the lovely, neat rig. The only tweak I have made is the method I added the weight below the rig.

The system I have used employes the use of pole fishing “Olivettes“. These are pear shaped weights, from .6 gramme upwards. I used 1.5 g for my session. The weight has a long leg at either end and comes with a length or rubber tube. You simply cut your tube into two short lengths, pass your line through the tube, then place the long legs of the Olivettes in to the tube, locking it in place.

I cast really hard to dislodge this system, but I could not even with very fine leader line. It does not damage or kink the line like may other weight systems so presentation stays perfect and you can raise and lower the lead, effectively raising and lowering you lure from the sea bed according to conditions and substrate. What do you think? Please comment below.