Rigging your Kayak

There a whole host of options for rigging your Kayak.

I will not go into much detail here but purely outline some ideas people have used in order to rig their Kayaks to fit their fishing requirements.

I will detail some of these ideas on the main blog and link from here to the individual posts.

Bait tanks – A storage device for your live bait which can often include sand eels and prawns. There are very complex ideas where you create an aerated system that straps onto your kayak using an air pump to keep the animals oxygenated or there are the more simple cadge systems where you float the live bait behind you and allow seawater to enter and leave the bucket. Both systems have there advantages and disadvantages to the Kayak angler.

Rod holders – there are loads of different options, from flush mounted rod holders, reel seat holders, surface mounted, crate mounted and backrest mounted. The options are limitless and it depends on what you want from your fishing and kayak. Ie if you want to surf from your kayak you do not want surface mounted holders as they can be damaged.

Anchor systems – You can fish from anchor if you want and there are a few designs of anchor system you can employ to make the process far more simple and effective.

Accessory bars – This is a structure for mounting rod holders, GPS, Fish finders and your kitchen sink on. There are permanent design and removable designs.

Hatches and storage solutions – depending on how confident you are cutting and fixing bits to your kayak will effect on the storage systems available to you. You can cut and install hatches in locations you see fit. For the more cautious there are barrel systems that strap onto the outside of the kayak that you can store items in.

Paddle keepers – When you hold your rod where do you put your paddle? Good question, there id know where on my disco, so I have added a paddle keeper. The location for this changes with each kayak design however the equipment used is the same.

Links to my rigging ideas.

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