Choosing a fishing Kayak

There are many different types of fishing kayak to choose from, here are a few basic guide lines to follow.

Your stature – make sure the kayak you choose is rated to hold your weight. This is primarily a safety consideration and stability. You need to remember that you may also be adding weight to the kayak in the form of fishing tackle and other ad ons, so choose a Kayak that can handle you plus some extra. You need to site in a few different models that can hold oyur weight and feel how well you fit in the Kayak. If you are very short or tall then you may need to try lots out to get a comfortable fit.

Your fishing grounds – some Kayaks are best suited to flat calm inland waters and water ways, others suite surf and ocean swells. If there are strong currents you will want a Kayak that will glide well so you can make good progress over through the water. Most leaflets on Kayaks will guide you as the suitability of the kayak to different water conditions.

Pure fishing or fun too – The kayak market has a whole range of boats for different applications. I wanted a kayak that I could fish from in most conditions and play in the surf with. I have chosen the RTM Disco + My brother wanted a kayak that he could fish from and take his kids on for a paddle down a river or a coastal hop, he chose the RTM Duo. He looses speed but gains the stability and 3 seating positions for his family.

Kayak weight – A simple consideration but often overlooked. The reason Kayak angling is so popular is that the Kayak can be placed onto the car roof and driven to anywhere. Consider this, you have been out on the water for 4 hours in the winter. You are very cold, there is a moderate breeze, you fished in a large harbour or river to keep out of the swell, you have just paddled for 20 mins and struggled to get out of your wet suite. Are you now strong enough to place your chosen Kayak onto the roof of your car?

Fishing accessories – My Disco is just what I want but I do not take a huge amount of tackle with me. I am most interested in Fly fishing and lure fishing from my Kayak. If you want to take all the gear choose a kayak that has loads of deck space and hatch options. Also if you are going to be changing gear, twisting and turning into tackle boxes all day a wider more stable fishing platform may be better for your requirements.

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