Just a very quick post…. Do any of you fancy a Kayak sea fishing trip to the Manacles? I have fished it a few times by my self ( here is one link to sea fishing the Manacles on a kayak) but some company would be great. Get in touch by commenting on this post or e-mailing me through this link – Contact the fishing blog

Fridays, over the next few weeks would be best for me. Come on lets get at least 5 yaks out there. The pollock and Wrasse fishing is great!!! and sea fishing beginners are very welcome!

I must say in this daft age of litigation – the sea fishing blog, its users or contributors will not be held liabable should any accident or injury occur and all participants join in and take part at thier own risk. This is not an orgaisned event, just a meeting of like minded people and by taking part in this trip you are happy to sign an agreement as stated above.

Further to the above – If you are interested in increasing your kayak safety knowledge and learning how to sea kayak with a degree of proficiency then please contact the fishing blog here as I am looking to organise some deals with local instructors.

image: peter cooper UK