I have finally bitten the bullet and today I invested in a GPS for my Kayak fishing.

I have been looking at the devices available on the market and decided upon a Garmin 60 GPS. From previous experience I have found Garmin to be quality products, and well developed and manufactured devices. The Garmin 60 is waterproof to 1 meter for 30 mins so it should withstand everything I can throw at it.

There are cheaper products on the market and certainly you can spend a lot more money if you want, but I think I have the best value for money in my chosen GPS.

The important factors for me are that you can store 500 way point aka fishing marks and navigation points, also there is a button you can press to mark a location. When you get into fish press mark and it will create a way point for you. You can later edit the way point with the information you require afterwards. This way you can build a data base of areas where you caught fish and later decide on the places you have recurring success.

I have also spent a few hours this afternoon on google maps and diving sites, looking for wrecks and reefs, and logging their positions into the GPS. So I now have a GPS full of possible marks around the south of Cornwall and I am ready to explore, weather permitting.