Can you help Steve out. He sent the fishing blog the following e-mail and we are happy to help find buddies. Its a great safety net going out with a buddy on your Kayak and should be considered by everyone

just bought a malibu pro fish&dive tandem,have got a nice 2002 small camper with lock up trailer,done a lot of holiday sea fishing but never been on the sea except in the med or with a skipper. I live in the midlands but i can travel at short notice ,i am very aware of the dangers of the sea so dont want to venture out on my own to start,very aware that the buddy system is the safest way to go and would love to join up with some experienced guys. I am planning two trips for the near future, west coast of scotland, and spain and would like to find a partner to share expenses, used to go camping and fishing, but depended on expensive campsites, but with the camper and trailer am totally independent, plus no wet tents in the morning so if you can suggest anything i would be grateful,i am a very experienced fly fisher and tyer,but i got bored, my true love is the sea, all comments answered.
kind regards steve.

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