I look forward to the month of June. Many of the Summer fish species are now here and waiting to be caught with open mouths. Fish start to hunt nearer the surface and the sound of screeching beach casting reels is heard as Bass power away when they take your bait.

Seas calm and the Kayak and Saltwater fly fishermen amongst can start to really wet our lines. The sun tan oil can go on and warm days on the beach can be enjoyed.

Mullet have entered the river systems, Mackerel are being taken from shores and piers around the UK, Sand eels are starting to swarm and the wrecks a producing large Pollock, ling and Conger.

Look for those stormy days when weed is collecting on the beach. Wait for it to calm a bit and get your beach caster out and hunt those fish out, you have about 17 hours of daylight to catch a fish. Whether you work hard all day or all night you have no excuse… Tie those rigs, dig, collect or buy your bait, purchase a Kayak and get FISHING.