I have been looking at simple ways to improving catch rates, and finally I have got an answer. It’s really simple, and you can do it from your living room, on stormy days.

I have been reading about scents that recreate pheromones to induce fish bites, which work by replicating natural scents of prey or possible mates of the fish. However, there is some concern over the use of these products, and the effect on the natural world. You can buy desk top diaries which you can load all you fishing data onto. These take into consideration the moon phase, tide and weather, and allow you to identify similar conditions to find your fish. The down side with these programmes is that they take a long time to set up and get enough data to be of value.

There are many other examples of these “Catch more fish” ideas but be careful and asses how much advantage they really offer you.

My idea is simple and free, as long as you have an Internet connection. Have a look here POLDHU. From here select satellite view. You will now see the location you want to fish, in an actual satellite image produced by GOOGLE. If you press the – (minus) button you can zoom out + you can zoom in. Now go to link at the top right hand side of the screen, this will show you the link with the lat and long of the area you are centered on. This can also be done using http://maps.live.com/

How is this going to help me catch more fish? If you focus on the area you want and pan in, you will start to pick up detail of the coast line where you fish. You can now see the gullies on your local beach which hold fish. You can see where the clean sand runs into broken ground. Pipes, reefs, just about everything can be found and used to your advantage. The advantages are endless. Have a look at google local. On the goggle map if you find the area that really interests you hit the “link to this page” and the URL that produces will give you the latitude and longitude for your chosen area. Enter this into your GPS and go fishing! If you do not have a GPS you can use features from the shore to line up, pin pointing the location you require.

This simple method is being used with great success by many anglers across the globe. Combine this information with your local knowledge and you have a true recipe for improving your catch rate.