fishing questions“Thank you for your comment re sinkers in front of lures, I have been experimenting with this technique with mixed success, how do you rig the torpedo shaped sinkers for this technique.”

It was great to get your question regarding how I attach my sinkers. The answer depends upon the type of fishing I am doing.

Lures for Wreck fishing.

I generally use either a French boom, which is a wire triangle with the arm of the boom coming of the side of the triangle and a twist in the wire along the long side.. The main line has the sinker already attached via a rotten bottom to prevent loosing gear on the wreck or reef. The leader attaches to the end of the boom, generally I add a swivel to prevent line twist. To attach the boom you just loop the line around the triangle either side of the boom. The advantage with this method is you can pre-tie a whole set ready for a session! Here is an image of a French boom

The other method I use for wrecking is a home made boom. I get 20 inches of carp tube, thread a swivel with a lead link on and gently heat the swivel until the plastic becomes pliable. At this point a create a 90 degree bend in the boom, about 4 inches from one end and allow it to cool. To use this system you need to thread your main line into the boom, one bead and a swivel. Your leader then attaches to the swivel.

Lure fishing from the shore.

I generally do not add lead to any of the solid lures like Rapala’s. It tends to hamper their swimming action, unless the weight is along way from the lure. Its possible to use this for trolling but you can buy lures designed for diving so why bother?

When I am using rubber / silicon lures I will use a ball lead, barrel lead or my first choice would be the barrel leads with a twist of wire at each end and the line wraps around the lead (I have totally forgotten the name of this fishing weight) as these can be changed easily (but not remembered!). Why leads are also a good choice as they prevent line twist. To use these leads I will generally attach the to the main line, then a bead and a swivel. Your leader attaches to the swivel.

Lure fishing tip

Try to fish with as long a leader as possible. The more tide, murk and general movement so the shorter your leader can be. Also use clear leader for clear water.

image: Puuikibeach