fishing insuranceWhether you’re a hobbyist angler out on the open seas of the Caribbean tackling swordfish or huddled in a bivvy with a thermos full of tea waiting for that carp to bite in Essex, fishing is a great way to relax and watch the world go by. When the conditions are in our favour and the fish are biting, nothing can ruin our day. Can it?

The dangers we face

Angling is widely regarded as a safe sport to participate in, but accidents and mishaps can strike at any time. Sometimes we put ourselves at serious risk of injury when we’re trying to get to that perfect fishing spot and will even perch on slippery banks or at the edge of rivers or cliffs before we cast. Injuries from slips, trips and falls when fishing are more common than most realise, so it’s important to have the right fishing insurance should something go wrong.

Aside from the dangers we face when weather turns bad, such as strong winds, fast flowing rivers, heavy waves and the cold, the main dangers we face as anglers is simply falling into the water. This usually happens when we wade into deep or fast running water with rocky or uneven bottoms – coupled with unfamiliar territory, this could be a recipe for disaster.

You may remember the story of 51yr old Steve Redhead, who was involved in a slightly bizarre accident involving a 50 gram lead weight and 12 stitches in his cheek. After his line was caught in overhanging branches, Steve tried to yank the weight out only for it to spring up like a bullet and embed itself in his cheek resulting in a serious injury that could have been deadly. Whoever said fishing wasn’t dangerous?! You can read about it here.

What happens if we lose our equipment?

Often we don’t realise just how much our equipment is worth. Fishing rods, bivvies, bait, tackle and all of our outdoor and wet weather gear adds up over the years. In fact many people don’t realise just how much of a financial commitment fishing and angling takes. But what happens if our equipment is stolen or a freezer breaks down with all of our bait in it? Would you be able to replace it straight away or would it cost too much?

If your favourite fishing rod was to break in transit, or everything was stolen from your car or whilst on the bank, without insurance you would be left having to pay out for expensive replacements. In addition, if you were on a fishing trip abroad and your equipment was lost or stolen, your trip could potentially be ruined. Unfortunately these accidents and mishaps can happen, so the best way to protect against paying out for expensive medical bills or having to fork out for replacement rods and equipment in the event they are lost, stolen or damaged is to protect yourself and your equipment with a comprehensive fishing insurance policy.

Fishing Care offers anglers and fishing enthusiasts, both professional and amateur, the cover they need to protect against theft, loss and damage of tackle as well as personal injury and personal liability. Coarse, Game, Sea, Fly, Match & Night Fishing are all covered as standard and your tackle is covered up to £15,000.

With comprehensive fishing insurance from Fishing Care you are covered worldwide against theft, loss and damage meaning one less thing to worry about when you decide to tackle the barramundi in Australia or fish for trout in Alaska.

No one wants to worry about covering the cost of replacements of tackle when out and about, nor should they have to worry about expensive medical bills if they are injured whilst on the water. With Fishing Care, you are covered at home here in the UK and when travelling abroad. Best of all your equipment is also covered when left unattended in a vehicle, at home or if stored offsite.

Public liability insurance is also something anglers should think about. We’ve all heard stories of anglers catching other people with a cast, and often these accidents can be laughed off with a handshake and a few awkward apologies. However, sometimes an accident can be more serious. Would you have the available funds to pay out for medical bills?

Almost all regular home insurance policies do not cover against theft, loss or damage of your equipment and tackle, nor would it cover against injuries or damage to property caused by yourself. So why take the risk? Insure with specialised fishing insurance from Fishing Care today.