If you are an experienced fishing expert looking for a new breed to catch, look no further than the Goliath Grouper. Formally known as the Jewfish, the Goliath Grouper is located in the deep sea fishing tips areas of the Atlantic Ocean. From 1960 to 1990 the Goliath Grouper was the most popular fish to hunt for sport. However with the decrease in population numbers, the World Conservation Union passed a bylaw in 1990 preventing sport fisherman from hunting Goliath Groupers. Here is a guide on how to catch Goliath Grouper’s for sport.

Goliath Grouper, 2nd Gulley,  Palm Beach, Fl
Goliath Grouper, Sea Fishing

Goliath Grouper Sport Fish

Firstly, as we noted above you can only catch Goliath Grouper for sport. Essentially what this means is that you can catch the Goliath, but rather than keep it on your boat and continue fishing, you have to release it back into the water.

Goliath Grouper’s also known as the Atlantic Goliath Grouper or the Itajara is a large salt water fish. It can grow to as long as eight and a half feet. What’s more, in the 1961 the world record for largest and heaviest known Goliath Grouper was caught in near Fernandina Beach in Florida. That day, the Goliath Grouper that set the world record, weighed in at 689 pounds. While the world record stands at 689 pounds, the Atlantic Goliath Grouper can range anywhere from 400 to 800 pounds.

As a result of how heavy the Goliath Grouper can get when it fully matures, it is important to consider getting a strong fishing rod. Most Goliath Grouper fishermen use a rod called the big baitcasters. The fishing line that we suggest is an eighty pound line, as rods with this heavy of a line can reel in giant fish such as the Goliath Grouper.

What’s more, as we noted earlier, the Goliath Grouper is located in the Atlantic Ocean. The main areas of the Atlantic where you can find a Goliath Grouper, is in the Bahamas, Florida Keys and Brazil. However, while these are the main areas, the Goliath Grouper has also been known to swim towards the Eastern Atlantic from the Congo to Senegal.

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