How to Avoid Crayfish When Carp Fishing (GUIDE)

How do you beat Crayfish when Carp Fishing?

It’s one of the biggest banes of any carp fisherman’s life, pesky crayfish destroying your boilies and hook baits. Annoying is not the word.

Learning how to avoid crayfish when carp fishing will save you so much time when you’re out and about carping the lakes round the UK, it will save you money as well as the crayfish won’t snip away at your rigs or hair stops, and fundamentally you’ll be less stressed!

The below tips are absolutely crucial to consider before you decide the head out to the lakes and go hunting for carp:

So how do you avoid crayfish when carp fishing?

Generally with Carp Fishing, if you’re trying to avoid crayfish cutting and destroying your hook baits, then you want fish on open water carp lakes, It’s a fact that crayfish do not like open water.

If you want to avoid crayfish then trying to fish in silt gulleys and silt beds is a good idea as there will be a lower concentration of crayfish there to ruin your beautifully prepared boilies and baits.

Wrap Hook Baits in Plastic Film or Mesh Armour

A fantastic piece of advice when trying to avoid these pesky little critters is to wrap your boilies or baits in some sort of protective plastic coating or mesh armour.

Essentially what you want to do is grab your mesh and wrap it round a shrink tube that you can pass a plunger through.

When your boilie is at the end all you need to do is simply plunge down until your boilie is taught against the mesh, twist it at the end and then snip it. From here you can melt the plastic mesh together with a lighter / zip lighter to secure it.

You can also create a plastic shrink wrap in a similar fashion, but rather you melt the plastic around the boilie, making it tougher for the crayfish to mess you up!

This is a fantastic tutorial on how to place the boilie into the mesh armour:

Use Cork Balls

A fantastic tip regarding avoiding crayfish when you’re out on carp lakes fishing is to use cork balls and soak them in your favourite flavour. This works incredibly well, but what you want to do is actually avoid using hairs as the crayfish will snip them.

Fish Stiff Hook Links

Another top piece of advice is to use stiff hook links or make sure to use a stiff coated braid; these are two incredibly good pieces of advice for when you’re next out carp fishing.

An extender stop is much better than a hair stop and crayfish won’t mess with them as much.


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