lost fish, broken lineI have been asked this question a few times over the past year and I have never really given it any real consideration, but it’s a very important point and one piece that can effect us all resulting in lost fish!  More so than blunt fishing hooks. Living in the UK we really do not suffer from any great extremes in temperature, however there are circumstances that unknowingly can have a negative impact on our fishing line. images thanks to LeonIngul

Surf over to this site and have a quick read of this paper . We are very focused on line wear from faulty rod rings / liners or abrasion on rocks and the sea bed. This is visual damage and can be felt on the line with your finger-tips. I mentioned it here
checking your line while beach fishing, but do we care for our lines at other times?

Fishing line storage

  • Where did you get your fishing line from? Was it from a glass cabinet just inside the window of your local angling store where sunlight had been focused on the line causing UV damage and possible heat damage.
  • When you are steaming out to your wreck mark is your line lying close to an exhaust or an engine water cooling system. When the skipper is brewing up is your rod close to the cooker?
  • Where do you keep and dry your fishing gear at home – Garden shed (frost damage) in the airing cupboard to close to the tank, or in the window sill to dry off?
  • Do you carry your gear to the beach in your car or on your motor bike? Both offer possible heat sources that could be detrimental to your gear with temperature having a negative effect on your line.

Un-explained fishing line breakages

I am sure if you have been fishing on a regular basis with other people you have seen line breakages that are un explained. Diligent people who care for their line that twangs off for some reason, maybe it because of one of the factors mentioned above where temperature at some time has effected the strength of the line.

As a good rule of practice it is worth changing your fishing line at least once a season of not more frequently.

As a foot note and one to remember, I have seen more than one good fish lost because someone has managed to touch a lit cigarette accidentally to a line. Normally it’s the nets man or gaffer, not the angler!

What’s your opinion on the effects of temperature on fishing line. As we have a few American readers do you ice fish and take any special measures? Please let us know of any stories or information you have.