fishing for questions Delboy wants to have a few answers from you regarding this question about peeler crab. He has been fishing for many years and finds his top bait to be the peeler crab. Can you help him out?

There must be someone out there that can help? I have been sea angling for over 40 years and the best bait I have found is peeler crab. But finding them when they are about to peel is the tricky bit.

I have found thousands of shore crabs over the years but finding themready to peel is the hard bit!. Can you induce the peelers to peel byany means? ie popping them in the fridge for a time then bring them
in the warm or popping them in warmer waters, what is the secret andis how do you do it???.

I have caught more fish on peeler crab than any other bait. Bass loveit, dogfish howl for it, smooth hound snap at it, wrass whack it, rayrave it, flatty flap at it, Cod, whiting and pout gorge on it. Its agreat bait when you can get it, and its only certain times of theyear you can find them and fresh is best.
Any help will be greatly received.
Kind regards