fishing for answers

I have recently had this question sent to me via email. I enjoy answering questions and helping people out, it also gives me inspiration to write and think of other articles. So please fire some questions at me.

Anyway, Mick has asked –

Hi, i am staying in a cottage which has access to the above river. This is in May, if possible i would like to know what fish are in the river and tips on how to catch them. Also do i need a licence to fish the river.

To answer your question Mick in revers order. As I understand it a Rod Licence is required when fishing for freshwater fish, eels, Salmon or Sea Trout anywhere in England or Wales as well as out to sea for up to 6 miles. So unless you are seeking these species you are in the clear, fishing the estuary (up to the region were tide still has an effect).

There are some tips regarding species and technique here in the beginners guide – Here is the most pertinent Estuary fishing also you might want to check out Kayaking fishing in the Helford. There is also another article here for Mullet fishing in the Helford

Okay a quick resume here for you,

  • Mullet – light float fishing / spinning gear – bread for bait, ground bait with pilchard and bread mash.
  • Mackerel – Spinning gear, small lures – best in warm conditions nearer the mouth of the estuary.
  • Bream – light tackle – float fish but near the bottom – shell fish as bait, prawns, mussel etc
  • Bass – DO NOT CATCH & KEEP – the Helford is a Bass nursery!!
  • Pollock – beach casting, lures, floats – Generally smaller specimens – fish nearer the mouth.
  • Wrasse – Light gear for best sport – Rag worm, near the rocks, again closer to the mouth.
  • Dog fish, Ray, Flatties and Conger can all be caught with heavier beach casting gear and rigs.

So, I hope this helps. Please comment if I have missed something or you would like to add something.