Guest AnglerRyan has passed some very useful advice on catching Golden Grey Mullet from the Cornish shorline, here is what he has had to say;

Golden Grey Mullet can be caught on our coasts from may really through to september, but it depends on the mark your fishing ie the east facing beaches are normally more productive earlier on than the south facing if you get my drift. Fish over the flooding tide, normally hot days and flat sea is good.

The Golden Grey Mullet actually prefer hot days because they will lay their eggs in the warm sand as the tide floods. Thats how close they are in on the shore line!. Waders are a good choice as it gets you closer to the fish. Take a good pair of polarized sun glasses and look closely at the sea for a good half hour before fishing for them if they are there you will spot them. But you only really notice them there if you are actually looking for them, makes me laugh when people are swimming near them and don’t notice them, its a good site to see when you spot them especially when they are in in their numbers. You will no what i mean when you do spot them.

I will not give away the marks where they are, you will have to work them out for yourself. I think i have given you enough info for you to work them out. The beauty is you can spin, ledger or float for them using mulleting gear. If you do follow it up and catch one over 2lb then i will eat my smelly fishing rag as i have been close but yet to no avail!!.

All the best out on the seas. Hope you catch a lunker!!!!.