questions1.jpgHow many beads do I need to use when I tie a flounder fishing rig?”

The question really comes down to personal trial and error for your local flounder fishing mark. I would start by alternating 2 colours of bead, say red and black to a total of 5 beads. Then try rigs with different colours until you find what works in your area.

You can do this with using two rods both with different flounder rigs, or two hook systems with different bead patterns.

Don’t just limit your self to beads, try sequins and discs, you can find a whole lot of stuff in your local craft / fabric shop that can be added to a rig and entice the flounder. Consider how what you add may also create vibration which will attract flounder, also how the current will effect your rig. For more information have a look at this post on Flounder fishing.

Flounder rig Here is an example of a 2 hook Flounder rig. For more details look here Flattie Rigs you can also search that site after following the link for great deals on beads, spoons and other fishing tackle or look here – Beads and Sequins

Let us know by commenting on this post if you have a successful bead system for Flounder fishing in your area.