Live Prawn
Live Prawn

Fishing a Prawn

Float fishing with a live Prawn is a very successful and exciting form of fishing. It is not common practice, Sand Eels for example, get used a lot more as a live bait.

The nice thing about the common prawn is its easy to collect. You can either have a prawn trap set up off shore, or collect them by hand. Here are a few notes I have written before about collecting Prawns for bait

If you consider how many Prawns there are and the locations they are found in, they must be a staple food source for most of the UK fish species. They are packed with goodness, found everywhere and loved by all!

How to use Prawns as Bait

This is very easy. Get your Prawn (don’t drop it, they are lively little critters) and put the hook through the tail around the 4 segment up from the the end of the Prawns tail. I would use a 3/0 fine wire. This should allow the prawn to be able to swim and look natural under the float. Try and fish it about 1 – 2 meters from the bottom, or the top of weed etc, depending on where you are fishing.

If you get a lot of missed bites, you are either being plagued with small wrasse or Cuttle fish. I would change my hook to a small treble and hook the prawn using one of the three hooks.

For a float anything will do, a jiff lemon bottle if you need to cast a long way. A bubble float or a normal pier fishing float will also work just as well. Make sure you keep your line tight all the time, as you need good contact with the sharp end!

Tips for float fished Prawn

  • Catch and store your prawn
  • Use 3/0 fine wire hook for a 1.5 to 2 inch Prawn
  • Hook it in the 4th segment from the tail
  • Allow the Prawn to swim but not get to cover
  • Keep in contact with the hook
  • Enjoy the exciting results

Let us know by commenting on this post how you get along with float fished Prawn.

image: Yim